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Annual club membership fee of 15 per houshold is now due for the 1st May 2017.
Our monthly Club Nights are held on the third Thursday in the month and start from 8pm till after 10pm (most members start turning up for 8.15pm). We currently use The Wilton Arms Pub, 818 Manchester Old Rd, Middleton, Manchester M24 4RF. These club nights are a chance for those of our members who attend to chat about events, shows and days out over the next few months, as well as discussing our beloved Minis, with servicing, parts and help available. We have a good selection of events planned but welcome feedback from our members, so we can do the ones they want to do. We also have days out as a club and "Fix It" days.
Summer Convoys are held on 1st Tuesday of the month leaving at 8.15 sharp for club members and guests, these are a chance to have a bit of fun in the Minis to a different location chosen by club members.

Events, Shows and days out.
Please check out our Facebook group ( the twitter feed ( or contact us by email We have a lot of events through the year totalling around 30, plus club nights and much more
So far since we started the North Manchester Classic Mini Club in 2011 we have done a lot of fun and wide ranging events, (over 170 by the end of 2016, not bad in 6 years) with a lot more to come in 2017, which we have 30 so far and more in the planning, plus 12 club nights and convoy nights. This will include some of our own road runs and days out, "fix it" days as well as many more traditional Mini and Classic Car events. We are looking for a few new events as well as our own show for 2017 as well as our favourites and IMM 2017

In September 2014 NMCMC had the only true Mini Club display stand at the Footman James Classic Car Show, Event City, Manchester, with a good selection of members cars on display. A very big thanks to everyone who came over to say hello and enquire about the club and Minis. We also had club stands in the 2015 and 2016 show along with many other major local events. Visit us on Stand 302 for the 2017 event
Please note due to a number of malicious phone calls we no longer use a land line or private home address.
Mobile Number 07832931969 (Please note this person drives for a living so might not be able to reply for a while)
Email: or
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Our 2017 Events List
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Our Club Nights are held on the third Thursday in the month starting from 8pm onwards, at the Wilton Hotel, Middleton. Check our "Club Night" page for full details and dates