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Club Nights with North Manchester Classic Mini Club. Membership 5 for 2019
Our monthly Club Nights are held from 8.00pm (starts fully at 8.15pm) on the 3rd Thursday of the month, please see below for details.
We currently use The Wilton Arms Pub, 818 Manchester Old Rd, Middleton, Manchester M24 4RF.
Our club night meetings are a chance for those of our members who want to attend and chat about events, shows, Minis and what to do to them, you don`t need to bring your Mini if you don`t wish to. We have Service and Modification Chats, covering the basics to advanced topics, discussions about events and what our members want to do and the odd Mini quiz or convoy to other locations. Topics for the night are listed but subject to change as required by our members.
(Please keep checking for our meet locations in-case the Wilton is no longer suitable for our meetings or closed for repairs )
The Wilton has safe parking and food available for those who go direct from work, some members will be at the meet from 8 pm however most activities won't start till nearer 8.15pm to give people chance to turn up. These Club nights continue till at least 10pm however members can leave early if they wish. Insurance discount paperwork available on request to members only as is our repair help. Please note the NMCMC does hold full insurance for all our events, but we do have an annual membership fee (normally 15) which runs from the 1st May and is valid for the 12 month period. For 2019 membership will be 5 due to it being Minis 60th year
                                           Our next NMCMC Meetings for 2018 are.
      Thursday 20th September 2018.............................Club Night from 8pm at the Wilton
      Thursday 18th October 2018.................................Club Night from 8pm at the Wilton
      Thursday 15th November 2018.............................Club Night from 8pm at the Wilton
      Thursday 13th December 2018.............................Christmas Party for pre booked members only
      Thursday 17th January 2019................................Club Night from 8pm at the Wilton
We have a wide member base, from new to the Mini way of life to experienced seasoned owners with a wide experience of Minis and ownership, along with different types of Mini, 1000cc, 1275cc, 1380 MPi, Spi, Modified, Standard, every day used cars, projects etc.
Everyone is welcome at North Manchester Classic Mini Club, any age, level of experience, quality of Mini, commitment to events, even if you are only thinking of a starting with the Classic Mini we can give you advice and help. We are a newly started club but some of our organisers have experience in running successful owners Clubs and have years of experience with the Mini, although sometimes we may be a bit rusty on some things. We charge an annual membership fee to cover insurance, postage cost and news letters. The club is run as a not for profit organisation so all money we raise gets put into running the NMCMC.
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